STP Pass It On 2013 - Continuing the Pass It On Journey

Second year in the running, and STP has had the privilege to continue the Pass It On campaign with the support of lovely clients! This year, we photographed a total of 64 participants, 29 of which were little ones. Due to rainy weather, we had to shuffle dates, timings and locations for several sessions, and with unending patience, clients accomodated the session into their packed calendars, and offered their contributions keep our sponsored kids in school for another year. I'm very pleased to formally announce that we will continue to sponsor our 5 kids next year, funded by the September Pass It On sessions. On top of that, we will be sponsoring 2 more kids. Using funds raised in December, we will also be helping out missions to Central Philippines.

That said, beyond STP's sessions, we're hoping that our efforts will raise awareness on the many ways to help. If the heart is willing, anything is possible.  Having corresponded with the kids we sponsored throughout the year, it amazes me how little they need, and brings me into painful awareness how much excess we choose to live with. While I've had to answer a lot of very sensitive questions from my two little ones, it's been wonderful getting Roo and Red involved with the kids' stories, and getting them to read letters, as well as respond to them. I encourage every family to do the same -- to reach out, and go beyond our lives. We learn so much from giving. Our kids will grow up well in an environment of giving, not simply as the recipient of our love, but also as a giver of theirs.

So, this post is really a big "Thank You!" for embarking on this adventure with us. Thank you for sharing your moments with us, so we can capture playful, intimate, meaningful portraits that warms our heart, and hopefully, touches yours as well. And thank you for opening up to the Pass It On experience!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Wishing everyone overflowing love, warm hugs from family and friends, and a zen time to simply be -- to wonder at how amazing this year has been, and plan ahead on how amazing 2014 will be! :)

“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.” 
― Mary Anne Radmacher