STP Pass It On 2014

Love how the little ones shine brightly from the inside when they know you've got them, and they've got you.

It started as an idea in 2012 – as a simple celebration. I grew up believing that “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Count your blessings, and let life’s challenges make you stronger and kinder. I count myself lucky to have discovered a passion and talent for photography, and wanted to infuse deeper meaning, inspire my little ones, walk the talk, and be of service in a way that I also enjoy. To raise funds for a cause we believe in, we photograph clients on Pass It On Day, offering them a fun play session, creativity, and at the end of it, a set of beautiful images.  The years have been amazing, with sustained patronage from Steph Tan Photography (STP)'s generous clients, funds from their purchases enabling continuing support for several children's education under WorldVision Sponsor a Child Programme.

Join us in this journey of giving -- beautiful immortalized memories for you, and a world of opportunity for the little ones under our sponsorship!

Last year, these two played with soil and dried leaves. So happy to see them again, and continually sharing the uninhibited fun of finding joy in what we have, here, and now

STP Pass It On 2015 Launch

The last three years have been amazing, with sustained patronage from STP's generous clients enabling continuing support for several children's education under WorldVision Sponsor a Child Programme.

This year, there will be two sessions for the campaign. Registration is open for both, with priority for the May session! 
May 17, Sunday
August 29, Saturday
Email to register.

Join us in this journey of giving -- beautiful immortalized memories for you, and a world of opportunity for the little ones under our sponsorship!

Our fourth year fundraising through the Pass It On campaign. Time has flown. As with most worthwhile missions, dedication and perseverance are a must. "Do it from the heart, or not at all." While we've set the little ones off to a good start, the mission is far from complete. The long-term target for Pass It On is two-fold: we want to be able to sustain support for the kids under our scholarship year on year until they graduate, and we'd also love for this campaign to encourage families to get involved in any way they can: sponsor kids on their own, support calls for disaster response, volunteer in your immediate communities. 

Reading the news, there is clear urgent need in many places --  whether in far away places like Nepal, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, to name a few, or in our immediate circles. We've chosen this mission of supporting kids from start to finish because this is what resonates with us, and where we think our little bit can go a long way.  We invite individuals and families to find a cause that resonates with you. As you go on your own kindness adventures, we would be thrilled to hear these stories from you as we spread the Pass It On mindset.

The photoshoot may be a few days or a few months away, but the helping can definitely start now. Every little bit helps. 

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Let the images tell the story. And let the stories be worthwhile.

2014 in Review : Of Love and Light

Each person we meet leave indelible marks on us, if we listen hearts wide open to each story. The thing about being a storyteller is that while you remain outside the frame, one needs to be vulnerable to be able to connect with something and to recognize the worthwhile moments. To listen, observe and see a certain sort of magic in the littlest things. I tell stories, and stories have the ability to bind. 

I've connected with some very beautiful families this year, and my life and experiences have been enriched by the simplest of interactions -- how a father plays with his children, a couple reconnecting in meaningful looks and little touches despite the madness of children, little ones looking out for each other, winning a smile over from a particularly thoughtful child, inside-out happy glows, open smiles and parents becoming children again as we play during our sessions.    

Immensely fortunate to be trusted to capture what I've been privy to see, the way I see it. Sharing highlights from some of STP's 50+ sessions in 2014, as a humble and heartfelt "Thank You" for the trust, the playfulness, the ongoing support. These are among my treasure trove for the year. Real, honest, meaningfully inspired. 

Let the images tell the story... Happy New Year everyone!