STP Pass It On 2016

Love this image as we struggled to get the littlest one smiling. Here he looks on with a genuine smiling interest as his elder siblings play 'Pass It On'. 
Fifth year running. The look of a lovely day! From 'Pass It On's launch in 2012, we knew it was not going to be easy to sustain the momentum, and I'm pleased this is still going strong. There's coordinating multiple families' schedules. There's thinking of new concepts to engage the little ones to play and express freely. This time, there was also threat of rain, and haze levels had been rising. We had newborns to consider, so we decided to move the session indoors. Final count while doing back-ups: 27 children, 11 families, and fingers crossed, all had a good time. This to continue helping our 10 sponsored children and their families. Grateful heart, and deeply appreciative of the support from family, friends, and clients. So beautiful when things come together. Grateful heart.
Love the mom and son connection in this shot - hyper happy - while Daddy and baby just be chillin'.
Littlest one sporting a satisfied grin, while soaking up all the adoration and love. That inner light shines through when you know you are loved...
Reversing gravity almost always gets the little ones smiling. It feels funny. It's an awesome way to decompress too. Sometimes, things just look better when your whole world flips upside down
With the right companions, everything is an adventure!
Sweet lingering kisses that are effortlessly expressive at this age. Maybe, when they are older, it'll be harder, and love is read through phone calls and a hand on the shoulder when it's most needed. Or maybe, just maybe, it will be exactly as when they were 5 and 3. We don't know yet how their paths will shape up, branches sharing the same roots. But for now, wet stickly smooches are lovely awesome!
One of the best things we can share with our kids is how love, kindness, and a healthy partnership looks, feels, and sounds like. Relationships are work -- and require self-awareness and sensitivity. A skill that they will carry, and that will carry them, happily through life.
"You think that you know my heart, and you probably do. That’s why I’m always with you...We make hours turn to seconds together. the weight of the world feel like a feather 'cause we’re holding it right in our hands..." Loving Grace Vanderwaal's songs, especially this one she wrote for her big sister. Big sisters are a beautiful thing...
Holding on to the magic. “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” ― Angela Schwindt
Quality Time as a language of love. The little ones shine with a healthy dose of undivided attention. "There is this thing about time that cannot be escaped – we all have the exact same amount of it. So, how we choose to spend our time and who we spend it with says a lot... I could buy 15 gifts online and have them shipped to 15 different people in the same day without ever leaving my desk if I wanted to communicate that I was thinking of them. But I couldn't possibly spend a decent amount of time with each one of those 15 people as efficiently.  Quality time isn't about efficiency, it is about being present and available and when someone is present and available to me, it makes me feel valued and loved..."
When you've got three, a semblance of synchronicity is magic!

STP Pass It On 2014

Love how the little ones shine brightly from the inside when they know you've got them, and they've got you.

It started as an idea in 2012 – as a simple celebration. I grew up believing that “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Count your blessings, and let life’s challenges make you stronger and kinder. I count myself lucky to have discovered a passion and talent for photography, and wanted to infuse deeper meaning, inspire my little ones, walk the talk, and be of service in a way that I also enjoy. To raise funds for a cause we believe in, we photograph clients on Pass It On Day, offering them a fun play session, creativity, and at the end of it, a set of beautiful images.  The years have been amazing, with sustained patronage from Steph Tan Photography (STP)'s generous clients, funds from their purchases enabling continuing support for several children's education under WorldVision Sponsor a Child Programme.

Join us in this journey of giving -- beautiful immortalized memories for you, and a world of opportunity for the little ones under our sponsorship!

Last year, these two played with soil and dried leaves. So happy to see them again, and continually sharing the uninhibited fun of finding joy in what we have, here, and now

STP Pass It On 2015 Launch

The last three years have been amazing, with sustained patronage from STP's generous clients enabling continuing support for several children's education under WorldVision Sponsor a Child Programme.

This year, there will be two sessions for the campaign. Registration is open for both, with priority for the May session! 
May 17, Sunday
August 29, Saturday
Email to register.

Join us in this journey of giving -- beautiful immortalized memories for you, and a world of opportunity for the little ones under our sponsorship!

Our fourth year fundraising through the Pass It On campaign. Time has flown. As with most worthwhile missions, dedication and perseverance are a must. "Do it from the heart, or not at all." While we've set the little ones off to a good start, the mission is far from complete. The long-term target for Pass It On is two-fold: we want to be able to sustain support for the kids under our scholarship year on year until they graduate, and we'd also love for this campaign to encourage families to get involved in any way they can: sponsor kids on their own, support calls for disaster response, volunteer in your immediate communities. 

Reading the news, there is clear urgent need in many places --  whether in far away places like Nepal, Syria, Yemen, Lebanon, to name a few, or in our immediate circles. We've chosen this mission of supporting kids from start to finish because this is what resonates with us, and where we think our little bit can go a long way.  We invite individuals and families to find a cause that resonates with you. As you go on your own kindness adventures, we would be thrilled to hear these stories from you as we spread the Pass It On mindset.

The photoshoot may be a few days or a few months away, but the helping can definitely start now. Every little bit helps. 

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Let the images tell the story. And let the stories be worthwhile.