STP Pass It On 2016 - For The Love of Little Ones

Love this image as we struggled to get the littlest one smiling. Here he looks on with a genuine smiling interest as his elder siblings play 'Pass It On'. 
Fifth year running. The look of a lovely day! From 'Pass It On's launch in 2012, we knew it was not going to be easy to sustain the momentum, and I'm pleased this is still going strong. There's coordinating multiple families' schedules. There's thinking of new concepts to engage the little ones to play and express freely. This time, there was also threat of rain, and haze levels had been rising. We had newborns to consider, so we decided to move the session indoors. Final count while doing back-ups: 27 children, 11 families, and fingers crossed, all had a good time. This to continue helping our 10 sponsored children and their families. Grateful heart, and deeply appreciative of the support from family, friends, and clients. So beautiful when things come together. Grateful heart.

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STP Pass It On 2015 - Moments That Matter

I feel incredibly honored to be privy to beautiful moments with my clients. Playtime and connection, captured, and distilled into images and memories that my clients and my clients' children, and perhaps even my clients' grandchildren will continue to enjoy through time. These are the moments that matter -- that split second when you know that the one you love sees you, clear as day, feels you, solid like a rock, and cherishes who you are, flaws and toothy grin, tears and the everyday little heartbreaks.

Take a deep breath. Squeeze the hand that is holding yours. Look into the eyes of the people you love. And let the little moments of genuine connection take your breath away.

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2014 in Review : Of Love and Light

Each person we meet leave indelible marks on us, if we listen hearts wide open to each story. The thing about being a storyteller is that while you remain outside the frame, one needs to be vulnerable to be able to connect with something and to recognize the worthwhile moments. To listen, observe and see a certain sort of magic in the littlest things. I tell stories, and stories have the ability to bind. 

I've connected with some very beautiful families this year, and my life and experiences have been enriched by the simplest of interactions -- how a father plays with his children, a couple reconnecting in meaningful looks and little touches despite the madness of children, little ones looking out for each other, winning a smile over from a particularly thoughtful child, inside-out happy glows, open smiles and parents becoming children again as we play during our sessions.    

Immensely fortunate to be trusted to capture what I've been privy to see, the way I see it. Sharing highlights from some of STP's 50+ sessions in 2014, as a humble and heartfelt "Thank You" for the trust, the playfulness, the ongoing support. These are among my treasure trove for the year. Real, honest, meaningfully inspired. 

Let the images tell the story... Happy New Year everyone!