Bishan Park - Singapore Family Photography

A shoot a long time in the making. Mommy C contacted me all the way back September last year for a shoot, and we only got it done recently. The initial intent was a maternity shoot to document "belly" days, but due to some complications, we had to postpone to a later date. Once the littlest one was out, it was my turn to postpone due to an unusual barrage of family emergencies. But all's well that ends well. We did a mixed outdoor shoot to entice little K to play, and an indoor nude shoot for baby. Love that I managed to get little K to step onto sand barefoot despite her initial reservations, and that the tiny one gave me cheeky smiles when it was his turn for solos. :)

Let the images tell the story...

Playtime with daddy
A quiet moment with mommy, while the little one looks smug, as if saying "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get this treatment ALL THE TIME." :)

Tiny bundle.
The shirts say it all...