Lund Love - Sweden Destination Engagement Portraits

It's hard not to fall in love with Lund -- a modern city, but with it's historical heart well-preserved. Walking around the urban center, I felt like I had stepped into a storybook with pretty little colorful houses lined up in rows, and flowers, flowers, flowers in every window sill, unhurried people biking in cobblestone, all set against the backdrop of the changing seasons. It's such a world of difference from mad dash Singapore.

The most memorable things for me are not the cathedrals or the museums, though those are nice. The real gems that stand out in my memory are the simple things: watching L and J at work in the kitchen as they make their own bread and cook dinner together, and the wind in my hair whenever we zipped by the town in their bikes. 

Everyday life is charming as it is, so we photographed everyday things, places, and activities. Let the images speak for themselves...and hope you fall in love too.