Home and Heart - Manila Pre-Wedding Portraits

It's a rare treat to be able to shoot someone from my younger days -- and it's an even better treat to find out that life has been keeping them well. K found her love in B, and it's wonderful seeing that love mirrored back and forth between them. We kept the shoot very close to home, where they spent many days getting to know each other, and I suspect, many more days nurturing their own family. 

As always, I do love receiving effusive feedback from clients, which lets me know I've done well and crafted something meaningful for them. 

"thanks again steph for the wonderful shoot! :D it was even more fun than what we expected! running with our pet dog, jumping, splashing around, getting carried and twirled with balloons, recreating the balloon festival, lounging around, pillow fight-ing(?) AND standing on couches overlooking the city? we had a blast! :) (even my family got so excited they eagerly volunteered to be our propsmen!) truly loved your ideas and your style... i've always been a fan! no wonder your pictures turn out great -- you bring out and capture what's real :) i always thought your pictures were magical but at the same time, genuine and believable." - K

Mission accomplished. Such a joy co-creating images with clients. Thanks for your trust and candidness, B+K!