Year in Review: Weddings and Engagements

It's been an exciting year for weddings and engagements in STP. Shoots have brought me to places I had hoped to come back to, places I have never been, as well as lovely places that I would consider as my backyard. But more than that, I've been privy to wonderful anecdotes that inspire, that excite, that confirms that each love is as unique as the individuals that hold it. And it's thanks to these shared confidences that I am able to co-create work that tells my clients' stories in a meaningful way.

From sparkling electric cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, to the natural autumn hues of Sweden, from the old-town charm of Penang, to the modern lines of local hotels, and finally, washed ashore in the beaches of Koh Samui, Pangkor Laut, and these places and spaces, I've discovered lovely moments. From a chance meeting at a teachers' conference, to matching tattoos in hidden away places, to dates at hawker centers, to virtual dates over skype with several thousands of miles in between. From simple getting-to-know-you's by the beach, to a love that grew from biking to and from university together, and after-work bar-stops that started off as an office group thing, and turned into something else.

We've recreated beautiful proposals, from a hot air balloon festival, to a romantic restaurant by the sea where none of the candles he prepared could stay lit, and a simple pyjama proposal done at their shared home. STP had lots of fun telling the many shades of love! (and based on what clients have shared, they had plenty of fun too!)

The celebration day itself is soaked with emotion and little tales, from a father's proud welcome, to a mother's teary congratulations, a child's hungry curiosity, to the "torture-the-boys" games that are played, and all the little teardrops and hugs and smiles in between. Oftentimes, there are crazy things going on throughout the day, but the love is pretty hard to miss.

These are STP's treasure trove of stories for 2012. Real, honest, meaningfully inspired. Looking forward to more gems for 2013!
Enjoy the images! :)