Koh Samui - Destination Wedding Photography

"This is the part where they promise to love each other, no matter what."
STP Coffee Table Books are like colorful storybooks to my little critics at home.  And I hope they are too for the couples and families whose stories we tell. Here's one album from a lovely wedding in Koh Samui. As a special treat, I managed to commission Red's help in showing it off. :)

"A party by the beach, and everything looked fun and pretty! As some stories would say, 'They danced the night away'"
 "Is this what 'Happily Ever After' looks like, mommy?"

"There is no 'Happily Ever After', darling. Sometimes, there will be arguments, and maybe some crying. But then they must always find a way to fix things, and they'll be smiling at each other and laughing together again. Every day, they have to promise to take care of each other, and then do it."

"And the dancing? Do they have to do the dancing every day too?"

"Yup, if they want to."

"Ooh, dancing. That sounds like fun!"
Red might have skipped the whole bit about the realities of marriage, but she did share a great marriage therapy idea. All else fails, dance it off! :)

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